Message From Our Pastor

To say the least, this is the most unusual Easter celebration in our lives. The fear of a plague has descended upon the whole earth. We have been accustomed to wearing a new piece of apparel: masks. To further inoculate us against this virus, we now do not shake hands.

In these times of trouble who do we have to turn to? For one, we look to our political leaders whose first obligation is the protection of the citizens. We look for their collective wisdom and planning to get us through these terrible times. We pray for them to make the right choices.

But beyond the obvious role of the State, there is the role of God. However, for many people God has taken a backseat. He has been missing. Or has He really been missing? Has God gone into hiding or have we?

A generation ago there was a popular African American musical called “My Arms Are Too Short to Fight With God.” It incapsulated the black American experience: they could not fight with God because it simply would not be a fair fight and God would always win. I believe that for those who want to use these days as a reason to be angry with God have to really think hard and realize that if they tried to get angry with God,
they would not win.

A winning God is in fact what Easter is all about. God’s Son overcame death, rose from the dead and fulfilled His Father’s plan for salvation. That’s the victory story. That’s the headlines: “Christ has risen. Alleluia!”

“This truly is the day the Lord has made,” to quote the psalm. No social distance, no stay home edict can take away the Victory of Jesus Christ.
Our church, the building is barren, sad looking, like an abandoned building. People are praying outside. We know that Faith does not depend upon a building, it is true, but our Faith is strengthened by what is inside that building: Jesus Christ. He is still with his people. It is just a little more difficult to see Him.

Hopefully in a few weeks our doors will be open and the community of Resurrection will be in line to once again come and be with Jesus. So be it.